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When looking for Vitamin Manufacturers –  Nutra Group specializes in producing the largest range of 300 + in-house stock private label formulas and custom dietary supplements exclusive to your companies branding. Thus in turn provides the most SAFE, ADVANCED, EFFECTIVE formulas to your retail customers under your company name, at the lowest possible per milligram of any vitamin manufacturers in the industry without compromising quality.

Vitamin Manufacturers – Starting and growing your branded private label dietary supplement business can be a downright overwhelming experience – especially if you’re working with the wrong private label suppliers and vitamin manufacturers. One of the many keys to success in this industry is finding a professional organization that has the ability to act as an extension of your company and possesses a proven track record of success assisting other brand owners to bring high-quality dietary supplements to market on time. That’s where Nutra Group and our 50+ years of combined industry experience can help you successfully brand your product.

Why Partner with Nutra Group to produce your private label branded products?

Because the founders of Nutra group are most likely no different then you with regards to sharing the the same goals, vision and attention to details that you expect for your company’s private label branded products .  We ourselves started in this industry decades ago creating many national selling private label brands like HumaTrex, Brazilian Trim and HoodiPhen to just name a few.  However the problem we always ran into is, that we constantly had issues finding dependable vitamin manufacturers that we could depend on that could ship product on time and meet exact label claims our brand names were standing behind.   This alone is what lead us to where we are now today..

By our leadership team being able to form quality relationships with many raw material vendors, changing corporate policies and SOP’s and sourcing the very best packaging materials we were able to reduce our costs, lessen lead times and remove any worries that we have had in the past.

After many years of successful sales and positive feedback from our customers we decided to offer our services to just a few other companies in the industry and the results were nothing short of astonishing.  These few companies could not understand how we were able to provide exceptional formulas, label design and packaging solutions all at a lower cost then previously ordered with other manufacturers –  further more we were able to do all of this for these few B2B customers at a lower cost then they were previously paying and we were able to deliver final finished products weeks ahead of other private label suppliers and vitamin manufacturers.

With this seeming to be the new direction of our company at the time of the new millennium, our founders decided to expand our formula line up to include 300+ carefully crafted formulas and offer our essential expanded services which we now call “Nutra-Services” to other B2B vitamin companies and e-commerce nutraceutical retailers throughout the dietary supplement industry.  With this vision,  our commitment to excellence and a action plan in place , we are now known to many throughout the world as North Americas premier trusted producer of private label vitamins thats offers its partners the only ZERO FEE dietary supplement fulfillment solution for over 2 decades.  Our leaders seem to belive this is a direct result because we stand behind every private label product we produce, custom formula we develop and service we perform while unholding the highest values, principles while also providing our partners exceptional customer service, all at the lowest cost with fastest lead time of any nutraceutical supplier.

We also learned in the early days through experience that its a must to work with a private label supplement supplier that has a large range of 300+ products available for your customers that supports your current needs and allows for future growth and expansion of your brand is paramount – Thus allowing your company to brand the most advanced dietary supplements, in the form of capsules, tablets, soft-gels, powders, topical patches and effervescent tablets including retail packaging, custom graphic design and industry leading fulfillment services.

We also take the responsibility of delivering exceptional dietary supplements and vitamins to our partners that exceed industry standards very seriously. For this reason, we ensure that your capsules, tablets, powders, topical patches and effervescent tablets are manufactured in state-of-the-art Certified facilities and packaged to your specifications.. Our labs perform thorough testing on all finished products to ensure quality control before the order is released for shipping. To Learn more about our quality control please visit our Quality Control Page.

Something else that we implemented immediatly that we seen as a industry wide problem is being able to provide our partners a speedy acurate quote. Waiting days, weeks or even months to receive pricing back is a thing of the past when you work with Nutra Group. As your nutraceutical partner, we’ll place a strong emphasis on returning your custom manufacturing price quote back to you within 24 hours of receiving your request.

Please Note: that our quote turnaround time is contingent upon the nature of your inquiry, the size of your order, and the availability of raw materials.

Your company will also have, at its disposal, all “Nutra Services” we provide. We understand that not everyone may need all our services, so we offer them in a range, from single service needs, package programs, and a complete enterprise solution. These services include: custom logo design, custom label design, 3D images, printing of label and complete vitamin drop shipping and supplement fulfillment services, all of which, that help to support your company’s success now and for future growth. This is just another reason to do business with Nutra Group. No more having to put all the pieces of the puzzle together in order to grow your brick and mortar and or on-line business!

From the moment you speak to a representative of our company you’ll realize why so many brand owners in the industry choose to partner with us over other vitamin manufacturers or suppliers. Delivering a first class customer service experience and staying in constant contact with our partners regarding details of there order and where it is during the entire project is of paramount importance to us. All aspects of your account – from concept, label design, production, packaging and shipping will be managed by one properly trained Product Specialist.

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