How to sell supplements on Amazon?

We make it easy to private label vitamins & supplements under YOUR company name to sell on Amazon to reach hundreds of millions of Amazon customers:

Fulfillment by Amazon FBA- (FBA, for short) is a service provided by AMAZON where we ship them your private label vitamin retail ready product in bulk, FBA fulfills your orders by shipping your branded product direct to the customer upon submission of an order, then provides your customer with a tracking number and handles any customer service returns associated with the order without you ever having to touch the product.


Using the how to sell supplements on Amazon FBA program enables you to take advantage of Amazon’s extensive drop shipping and warehouse program, as well as their potential huge customer base that may be interested in purchasing your product.  For those that prefer a full-service Nutra-Business Solution integrated directly with your shopping cart and private label supplier, take a look at our Nutra-Fulfillment and Drop Shipping program, it is a complete, warehouse and fulfillment solution exclusive to our partners that offers tremendous savings, reduced lead times and implements SOP’S that are sure to grow your bottom line that not even FBA can provide.

Regardless of the fulfillment partner you choose for your business model, you can rest assure that Nutra Group will supply you with the most advanced private label formulas and services at the lowest cost with the quickest lead time in the industry.  This is why many of the top sellers at Amazon and other high volume Ecommerce companies partner with us as there primary dietary supplement supplier.


How To Sell Supplements on Amazon?

Nutra Group can show you how to sell supplements on Amazon, including private label vitamins and dietary health supplements. Selling and drop shipping vitamins and supplements using Amazon’s FBA program makes it very easy to get started.  We even help customers in the United Kingdom (UK) , Australia (AU) and other countries outside the USA.

Benefits of Nutra Groups Fulfillment by Amazon private labeling service:

  • Minimum orders as low as just 72 bottles for private labeling.
  • Printing of labels is included in all pricing.
  • We have the best the graphic design services in the industry to help you sell vitamins on Amazon and have your product stand out.
  • We apply your private label branded labels and get everything ready to ship to your dedicated FBA location at no additional cost
  • Fast Lead Times.  Normal turnaround time is just 10-14 days from the time you place your order with us and your label design has been approved.
  • We offer over 300 vitamins and dietary health supplement formulas available to be private labeled under your company name and branding.
  • We also offer HUGE Volume Discounts at 250, 500 and 1000 units. Please call for larger quantities.
  • All products are produced in a fully FDA compliant facility using many GMP guidelines and practices.


If you want to learn how to sell supplements on Amazon and let them do your supplement fulfillment, check out our Guide-To-Selling-On-Amazon and the steps needed to sell dietary supplements on Amazon or click on our Fulfillment and Drop shipping page to view the details regarding our exclusive Nutra-Fulfillment program that is only available to our partners without all the red tape that can provide same day set up, integration and approval.


sell vitamins on amazon using fulfillment by amazon fba