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When you want to private label vitamins “LABEL DESIGN” is of the upmost importance…

The label is the billboard that is delivered to your customer every time they purchase your private label vitamins product. It’s impact on the end user is created by the colors you use, the graphics and images created and the text written. When properly designed by a graphic design team that has extensive knowledge and experience in the dietary supplement industry, these elements create the first step to the reorder process of your product and assist with high volume brand association throughout the market – thus leading to a successful vitamin business and increased sales.

Having a unique and consistent brand image is key to increasing your private label vitamins sales. If your new idea or current branding is scattered and incoherent, consumers will easily spot you as a novice and untrustworthy brand. On the other hand, a clear and well-designed brand will have the opposite effect. Consumers will gain trust in your brand and come back for repeat purchases.

Many contract supplement manufacturers specialize in manufacturing of dietary supplements but really aren’t design experts. We’ve also seen companies go with private graphic designers or freelancers and come out with a private label supplement design that really isn’t associated towards the private label vitamins products being marketed or ingredients within- furthermore presenting a label design that is not FDA complaint and can not be legally sold.

Graphic designers specialize in design, but Nutra Group specializes in designing labels only for private label nutraceuticals we produce. We are a Complete Nutra-Business Solution, so we can do it all for you. Don’t waste your time, money and brand reputation on amateurs, go with the private label experts that has the experience and know-how to create private label supplement designs that convert customers, increase profits and build your brands loyalty.

With our extensive experience in the supplement industry, we’ve found that it’s incredibly important for you to partner with a supplier that has a true understanding of all the rules and regulations associated with the design of dietary supplements. The Nutra Group design team will help your private label vitamins stand out from the rest with a visually compulsive, detailed oriented custom design that makes your customers convert from looking at other competitors in the same segment whether in stores or on-line, to purchasing your branded product over theirs.

Along with partnering with a private label vitamins supplier that offers high-quality graphic services, it is also beneficial to gain some understanding of visual elements. Visual elements include color, fonts, logo, images and printed information, all which serve an important role in a customer’s decision-making process. Different colors can grab attention, generate different moods, and support underlying messages.

 A distributor’s private label brand is identified by its appearance, which is representative of your business as a whole. Many consumers associate overall quality of the product with just the appearance of a label. Many companies choose to partner with us because we offer graphic support for logo, label and package design, while other Supplement manufacturing companies do not offer these services nor have a team of experts that assist distributors with the visual development of their message to secure a connection with their consumers linked through product, packaging and label design.



If you are not experienced selling private label nutraceuticals in America, don’t feel overwhelmed. We realize that complying with FDA labeling regulations can be a headache. The Nutra Group process makes it easy to navigate the rules and regulations necessary to sell your private label supplement in the United States by using our our Order Form: that prompts you for all the required information we will need, to not only have your label comply 100% with FDA rules and regulations but also so its designed by our team to the exact vision and specifications you desire prior to printing of your label.

Please Note: If you do not have a COMPLETE physical US address or PO Box with Phone number on the label. You can not sell your product legally in the United States. However you may sell strictly overseas and will be required to fill out our Export Only document here.

As a leading supplier in the Private Label Vitamins industry, Our in house graphic design art team will not only provide you a custom designed label exclusive to you company name and branding, but a label that is also compliant to the most current FDA labeling guidelines. However if you choose to design the label yourself, we have put together a document Product Claims and Advice that will assist you with general advice, guidelines and questions you or your designer may have with regards to label requirements and what can and can not be stated or claimed.

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