Vitamin Patches are becoming one of the most popular products throughout the health and wellness community and now is the time to add them to your business and capture your market share. 


Nutra Group LLC– is a leading supplier of easy to use once a day herbal infused private label vitamin patches.  Topical patches provide an easy and convenient method of supplementation, especially for those who do not like, or can not take pills. Realizing that Topical Patches would evolve into a revolutionary delivery system of nutraceuticals, our formulas offer the very best in topical patch technology.


Our Topical Patch development team specializes in producing the most SAFE, EFFECTIVE, ADVANCED TOPICAL Patches. Our strategy is to focus on the needs of our customers and provide top quality formulas for clients large and small by providing a complete turn key service from Topical Patch product development, custom artwork design to assisting with fulfillment to your retail customers.

In a time when companies are shipping their manufacturing abroad, Nutra Group is proud that all of our products are made here in the U.S.A. In addition, our manufacturing facilities are filled with the most current equipment and technology available. During every step of the manufacturing process, quality is constantly monitored in order to achieve the highest level of technical excellence.


Quality Assurance and Quality Control are the number one priority during the production and packaging process  We produce our products in a clean, strictly controlled facility. The facility has a full time Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager. We know precisely what goes into our products, and most importantly we know what is not in the product unlike chemicals and other ingredients unlike those that may be in products produced by a transdermal patch manufacture abroad.  All raw materials are examined upon their arrival at the facility to verify their purity and potency. Room monitoring, equipment inspection and testing continue throughout the manufacturing process.


This dedication to precision allows us to produce private label vitamin patches that are free of fillers, unacceptable binders, and other potential allergy-causing or undesirable additives that you may find in a manufacturer over-seas offering transdermal patches for private label.  On account of our considerable investment in scientific product development, our natural ingredients used in our Topical Patches meet strict standards of purity and never contain any pharmaceutical drugs or fillers that may be found in those producing transdermal vitamin patches abroad . In addition, we guarantee that every one of our products is routinely tested for potency and consistency.


Every Topical Patch is manufactured according to specific set of precise specifications. Upon completion, our expert staff conducts a finished product analysis on samples taken directly from the production line. Testing continues even after manufacturing has been completed, as retained samples may be kept past the expiration date.


By applying the standards and the focus of our respective backgrounds, the Nutra Group – Topical Patch development team has been able to make their vision into a working reality of synergistic excellence. After all, synergy means when the combined action of two things becomes greater than the sum of their effects individually. Through the combination of the cutting edge technology of the patch delivery system and the quality assurance of our traditional backgrounds, you can rest assure that your private label vitamin patches will be a success to your existing line-up or as a stand alone branded product under your company name.


NEED PRODUCT FAST? –  Skip the Private Label Vitamin Patches Process and order in Bulk- All Topical Patches will be shipped in a sealed pouch with no retail packaging.


Available Topical Patch varieties include

  • After Party Support
  • Allergy Support
  • Anti Ageing
  • Breast Enhancement
  • CoQ10 and Omega3
  • Children’s Multivitamin
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Immune Support
  • Joint Support
  • Libido
  • Mind Support
  • Men’s Enhancement and Support
  • Skin
  • Stress
  • Sleep Support
  • Anti Smoking
  • Women’s Enhancement and Support
  • Weight Loss
Our Topical Patches are made from a white non-woven polyester. The adhesive on our patches are a acrylic polymer, which has been tested on humans by an independent laboratory and found to be non-irritating and non-sensitizing. 

To learn more regarding our Topical Patches please call us at 1 844 MY NUTRA (696 8872),  email us at or click on our link below specific to our Topical Patches. 

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