Private Label Nutrition Supplements

Nutra Group LLC- can be an essential partner in the branding and marketing of private label nutrition supplements under your company name. It requires years of experience and dedication from your private label supplements supplier in understanding what the immediate needs of the consumers are, and then producing world class formulas to support those B2B partners.

To help nutraceutical retailers who may be beginning a private label supplements program, revamping their existing program or adding products to an existing brand,  below is a general guide of the process and questions that should be asked when choosing a vitamin manufacturer or nutritional supplements supplier.


Step 1: Do they offer a wide range of products and services so you can grow your business?

This is a very important aspect. Are you left spending weeks and months putting all the pieces of the puzzle together just to launch or does your supplier of choice for your private label supplements offer a complete “Nutra Business Solution” from concept to fulfillment of orders and over 300 Formulas to choose from at the lowest cost?


Step 2: Find A Qualified Private Label Supplements Supplier

To find a quality private label supplements manufacturer, retailers must ask some tough but basic questions, such as:
  • How long have they been manufacturing dietary supplements?
  • Will my products be manufactured in the USA in a FDA registered facility?
  • How many various companies does it produce product for?
  • Can they meet leads times as promised at time of order?
  • Do they work with companies large and small?
  • Does it use first class HDPE and PET bottles for my packaging?
  • Does it follow GMP manufacturing guidelines?
  • Does it do batch analyses testing?
  • Does it have effective quality control procedures
  • Do they note any known allergen warnings that are specific to each and every formula?
  • Are labels designed to stringent FDA labeling guidelines?
  • How does it ensure that its blends are being dispersed evenly?
  • What kind of quarantine process does it have?
  • Does it offer child-specific options? CRC caps
  • Do they supply a Certificate Of Analyst (COA) upon request?


Step 3: Create Labels And Packaging

Retailers who choose to put private label supplement products into their branded bottles should use professional-looking labels. However it is necessary to make sure the supplier you are outsourcing your project to adheres to the most current FDA labeling guidelines.


For more information regarding what can and can not be included on a dietary supplement label, please click here to view our General Products Claims and Advise document that we put together to assist our partners in having a label that is compliant or click on the below FDA Link for detailed information-  


Step 4: Determine Prices And Marketing Strategies for your product

Here are some pricing and marketing suggestions:
  • Sell in bundles as “buy-one-get-one-free” offers.
  • Private label with a company that provides fulfillment services that can ship same or next day.
  • Continuity program (FREE Offers)
  • Put private label supplements on sale when national brands go on sale.
  • Cross-market or up sell within your private label line. For example, offer a buy two bottles get 1 FREE promotion.
  • Stock your line deeply, to show customers a commitment to the program.
  • Never go on back order.
  • FBA- Fulfilment By Amazon or other online


Step 5: Build Product Selection And Repeat Sales

Finding a private label supplements supplier that has a large range of products available for your customers that supports your current needs and allows for future growth and expansion of your brand is paramount – Thus leading to allow your company to brand the most advanced dietary supplements, with a supplier that provides a Complete Nutra- Business Solution including retail packaging, custom graphic design and industry leading fulfillment services all with the quickest lead times at the lowest cost per mg?
When looking for a private label nutrition supplier that has there finger on the pulse of a cutting edge industry, with ever-changing regulations and updates in product production, packaging ideas and formulations look no further then Nutra Group, When you want bring to market a product with your company name, logo, design and distribution information, you need to be sure your private label supplement project is partnering with is not just a producer of vitamins and dietary supplements but a company that provides you a  “Complete Nutra-Business Solution”


Nutra Group provides private label supplements, custom formulations, and critical in-house “Nutra Services” to support everything you need to create and effectively market your nutritional supplement company. At Nutra Group, we have an unrelenting passion for detail and we utilize streamlined processes and quality control guidelines, coupled with many years of experience in the nutritional supplement and private labeling industry to produce top quality formulas and superior branding for our customers.  Our state-of-the-art facilities, variety of 300 + products and critical in-house Nutra Services allows our company to offer more to your business than any other supplier in the industry.


Give us a call Today at 1 844 MY NUTRA (696 8872) to see how easy your private label nutrition supplements can become a household name and to see why Nutra Group is a driving force in private labeling of custom dietary supplements and nutraceuticals for the health food industry or email us at