Increase your companies branding, product’s appeal and enhance overall consumer’s experience with unique color flavored capsules that have delicious flavors and pleasing matching scents! With a wide variety of different flavors to choose from you can coordinate your capsule color and flavor with the ingredients within for a unique overall product experience that will keep your customers ordering more..


In a study of consumers who take nutritional supplements, nearly 70% said they choose flavored gelatin capsules over regular gelatin capsules. Our entire line of flavored capsules is made with the same high-quality gelatin as our regular capsules. With a wide range of delicious flavors, these capsules provide excellent marketability, superior odor-masking for pickier palates and the same usability of all our capsules.


There are many reasons why you might choose colored flavored capsules for your custom formula. If your formula calls for raw materials that are sensitive to light, colored flavored capsules will provide the protection that your ingredients need. But often a bigger reason is that flavored capsules are excellent for branding and product recognition purposes.


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Bubble Gum-
Eliminate the fuss in taking pills with these pink bubble gum flavored capsules for dietary supplement formulas specifically for children and teens.  These size 0 gelatin capsules are ideal for dry ingredients of all kinds.


Fresh brewed espresso in capsule? Its delicious flavor and aroma delivers enormous marketability. For example, you can fill these empty capsules with an energy product made for adults, or introduce a brand new product with custom ingredients unique to your company branding.  Our coffee-flavored gelatin capsule provides superior odor masking ability for your custom private label formula.  This is also great to use in any formula that contains the popular ingredient: Green Coffee Bean Extract.


Fresh Berries-
What better way to produce your formula than in a gelatin capsule that tastes and smells like a handful of fresh berries?  You get a product that stands out in the marketplace, superior odor-masking for pickier palates and excellent customer feedback and loyalty.


Our grape-flavored gelatin capsules are a great choice for fruit products and botanical ingredients, they can increase like-ability for kids and adults alike. Available in both size 00 gelatin capsules and size 0 gelatin capsules.


Increase the appeal of your product with “A Twist Of Lime” with these lime-flavored capsules. Start your custom formula manufacturing process today!
There’s just something about the wonderful flavor of mint. Not only do they taste amazing, but they are also completely BSE-free!



This citrus gel cap is sure to put a smile on every-ones face, both young and old –  an orange flavored and scented capsule with just the right sweet, citrus, tangy flavor of real oranges is a perfect choice for producing vitamin C products!


Strawberry flavored gelatin capsules are sure to be a smashing hit with any strawberry lover at heart. These sweet flavored capsules make taking vitamins or supplements more tolerable, and they smell great also…


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