Effervescent Tablets Coming Soon…

The minimum order for any effervescent tablet being a custom or stock formula is 100k tablets. The tablets can then be shipped in bulk with no packaging or private labeled and packaged in a plastic tube with desiccant cap.


We, at Nutra Group, will produce effervescent tablets in huge quantities in order to cater to large international, as well as our domestic markets. Focusing on being an premier effervescent supplier in The USA, we will follow strict procuring and manufacturing guidelines and insist on producing top quality products as the majority of B2B partners have to face various domestic and international competition and regulatory guidelines.

Effervescent tablets are easily dissoluble and provide a complete nutritional solution when added to water or other recommended fluids. Unlike capsules or traditional tablets, which at times could be difficult to swallow for certain consumers, effervescent tablets offer the best solution while increasing overall hydration.

Production by our effervescent tablet manufacturers is carried out under strictest conditions of hygiene and sanitation. From procurement of raw materials to packaging of final product, each process is completed under watchful eyes of experts that specialize in production of effervescent tablets. Production line at the factory will be completely sanitized so that no contamination takes place during the entire manufacturing process and moisture is nearly non existent. Ingredients are tested as per international standardization guidelines. Thereafter, all formulations should be examined at every level of production so that the final output is a great tasting effervescent tablet that is oxidized free and produced to label specifications.

Every batch will then be issued its own lot and batch number, with dates of manufacturing and expiry clearly marked on the packing. Effervescent tablets are then shipped in bulk or packed in white plastic tubes under your private label. Having the focus of being the leading effervescent tablet manufacturer supplier in North America, we will never compromise on the quality of the raw materials used in the formulations and we will take great pride in meeting our promised delivery dates to our valued partners.

 1. Better and Quicker Absorption

In water or other suggested fluids, effervescent tablets produce a pleasant tasting solution. This is due to natural ingredients and flavorings contained in the tablets. In conventional solid tablets, compounds dissolve slowly in the stomach, which frequently delays or reduces absorption of the nutrients. With effervescent tablets dissolved in a liquid, the ingredients are absorbed quickly, completely, and uniformly thus allowing for the perfect delivery system for many formulas with a large ingredient panels.

2. Optimal Compatibility

After swallowing, conventional solid tablets or capsules are transported to the stomach where they dissolve gradually. The passage time varies in different people, depending on anatomical and physiological factors. In case of a longer passage time, solid dosage forms can dissolve partially and this may cause irritation of mucous membranes. With a dissolved effervescent tablet, the ingredients are evenly distributed in the solution, so that high, localized concentrations cannot occur unlike those in formulas made by a liquid supplement manufacturer. The solution of the effervescent tablet contains a balanced ratio of acids and carbonates. This balance is called a buffer and it may allow for a complete and uniformed absorption of the nutrients within and is a great solution over more expensive products produced by a liquid supplement manufacturer. 

 3. Increase in Liquid Intake

 Effervescent tablets unlike private label liquid vitamins provide both the benefit of the nutritional ingredients within the formula and additional liquid intake to assist with the body from becoming dehydrated. 

 4. Advantages in Case of Swallowing Problems

Many people have problems swallowing solid tablets or capsules. Effervescent tablet manufacturers produce a good alternative for this population.

 5. Simple Handling and Measuring into Exact Doses

Effervescent tablets can simply be dissolved in a glass of water, or other suggested fluid – and after a short period of time a great tasting solution is ready for drinking. This is a great advantage over having to dissolve granules or powders. Granules and instant powders must be measured first, then stirred in the glass several times to obtain a uniform solution. With effervescent tablets, the dose is standardized, and the liquid quantity is variable, allowing for taste to be adjusted according to individuals preference.

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