Contract Vitamin Manufacturer & Custom Tablets

When looking for a contract vitamin manufacturer service to produce custom coated tablets, Nutra Group can produce a formula to your exact specifications.  Whether the desired function for your tablet is immediate release, enteric release , sustained release, masking odor and/or taste, we have the tablet film coating technology needed to enhance, protect, or meet your desired delivery profile.

Contract vitamin manufacturer TIP-  Within each category,  custom coated tablets can greatly enrich the over all product experience to the end user, your customer.  Tablets may be coated in the color and or flavoring of your choosing. You can also choose from our stock punch designs to create many shapes and sizes, or we can recommend the size and shape that best meets the needs of the formula.  Imprinting options are also available to communicate key information to the consumer, IE: brand, formula name, or dosage amount within the allowable space on the tablet’s exterior at an additional charge.

For our B2B partners looking for unsurpassed quality to detail, custom tablet coating conveys many benefits including improved overall look of product, reduced tablet breakage and chipping, protection from light and moisture, all leading to less customer service issues for you and your brand. while providing the end user a superior product.


Immediate Release 

A distinctive product appearance offers many benefits to marketeers and retailers of nutritional supplements. Film coating is a cost effective process of enhancing your contract vitamin manufacturer product – helping positively to impact consumers preference, by differentiating your product’s visual appearance, as well as improving the ability to swallow and masking objectionable tastes or odors.

Sustained Release

Sustained release formulas are derived from one of the most popular materials in the nutraceutical industry.  Please contact use to share the details of your project.   Please note this is not a viable option for many products.

Enteric Release

Our enteric release products means that there is a coating which is designed to hold the delivery system, (IE:) Capsule, tablet, soft-gel, etc.  together when in the stomach. This clever science relies on the fact that the stomach is acid and the intestines, where food goes after the stomach, are not. The coating is designed to hold together in acid conditions and break down in non-acid conditions and therefore release the nutritional supplement in the intestines.

Clients choose Nutra Group as their contract vitamin manufacturer service because we offer the lowest cost per milligram, fastest lead times, unmatched product quality and first class customer service you deserve.  Your tablet will be produced using first class industrial grade tablet press and coating machines, with tooling options that provide unsurpassed  tablets that exhibit high quality. Our contract vitamin manufacturer team is able to produce all types of tablets including non-coated, coated, sublingual, chewable, time-release and effervescent. With having control over the the size, shape, color, and glaze we can produce a first class product to your specifications. Best of all, your custom tablet order can be delivered within 3-weeks because our process is streamlined, our production team is highly trained and we never accept an order until we confirm all necessary components needed to produce your product.   If you have a formula that needs to be produced as a custom coated tablet, give us a call at 1-844-MY NUTRA , or email us at the details your project and we will be happy to provide you a quote.  Our custom coated tablets are a Industry standard that yet can not be matched by any other vitamin suppliers USA.

Written procedures are strictly followed in production of contract manufacturing nutraceuticals to ensure their identity, strength, quality and purity. In-process controls are established to assure that the product is made reproducibly and according to set specifications. Process control functions are documented at the time of performance and processing records are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.
Production team makes sure they properly maintain and clean the equipment used in the manufacturing of products according to written procedures to prevent malfunction and contamination of the product.

Contract Vitamin Manufacturer